Wedding Photography AJ & Marifranciour

This is all about you

The day has arrived and proper preparation means you can relax and enjoy it. I will meet you at the time and place agreed – usually this is wherever the bride is getting ready. This is usually my favourite part of the day capturing candid images of the make up being applied, the hair being done, the banter with the bridesmaids. These are taken in a photojournalistic style helping you remember the craic and the feelings as you get ready.

From there we move to the venue. I will unobtrusively get all the shots from the arrival of the guests as they greet each other and the groom, followed by the brides arrival, the look on the grooms face as he sees her for the first time, key moments during the ceremony and of course the first married kiss.

After the ceremony I will capture the milling shots as your guests congratulate you both as a married couple. True emotion and happiness floods out at this time… :-)

Then my favourite part of the day – around 30 mins with just the two of you. This gives you time to share your stories from the morning and take a moment to absorb the fact you’re married – I will capture some great images of the two of you and of you both individually.

Generally group shots are kept to a minimum I’d say normally no more the a dozen. Whilst the group shot are seen as the more formal, I have a very relaxed and fun approach with these. My aim is to make all your guests laugh in order to reflect the fun that everyone has on your amazing day - good organisation makes this an enjoyable experience for us all.

Finally I’ll unobtrusively click away until I’m done – whether it’s the start of the meal or after the 1st dance – whenever you request.